Saturday, 5 November 2011

How to hide Online status for selected friends ?

Skype is the best tools to be in touch with your friend and relative around the world, because of this many us have account of skype but these are people in skype which you like to talk sometimes. But it’s gets very interrupting if all the time they call you. so you might want to hide your visibility on skype to some particular people, So today i have decided to tell you about how to be invisible to some particular people  on skype even after being online.

Step 1  : Sign in your skype accont
Step 2 : Select the person whom you don’t want to show that you are online.
Step 3  : Now select the user & right click on their name ,choose block User from the menu.
Now when ever you are online than he can not see you online but you can see him online.and if any time you need to talk with him than unblock that person by right click on their name and choose unblock.