Saturday, 5 November 2011

How to check who is using ur wi-fi connection ?

There are several methods for checking .....
read this carefully.

WiFi is simply a technique used to wirelessly connect electronic devices. If you have a WiFi connection, you can make use of internet through it on your Computer or Mobile . As it is a wireless connection, you can use an appropriate Password to prevent others to access your WiFi.  But just a password is sometimes not enough from preventing others to use the WiFi connection you are paying for.

What may happen when someone use your WiFi without your permission?
Your Bandwidth may be hogged reducing your Internet Speed significantly.
Someone may share illegal information through your WiFi enough to get you into serious trouble.
Someone may try to corrupt your PC or Phone through virus etc using your WiFi.
Someone may try to access your personal information.
Why share your internet with someone who is not paying for it???

At the end you can say that it is not at all tolerable. But How to Check who is using your WiFi Connection? I have got the answer for you.

Methods to Check who is Using your WiFi:

Method 1:
If you are continuously having the mentioned problems with your WiFi and you are not sure whether someone is sharing your WiFi, The first thing you should do it to make sure that you are provided with a wireless encryption protocol (WEP) key which is more like a password to enter WiFi. If not, it means you are operating an open network where anyone with WiFi device can make use of your internet. So please request for one.

Method 2:
Make use of some useful software for the purpose such as Free tool Wireless Network Watcher. You can simply Download Wireless Network Watcher from here.
This tool will scan and keep track of all the devices that are connected to your WiFi. The scan results will display the IP and MAC Address along with the name of device and its Manufacturer so that you can judge the involvement of some unwanted guest into your network. You are also allowed to save the result for future reference.

What to Do In Such cases?
My any of the above methods, you are assured that someone is using your WiFi without permission than you can take following steps:
Set up a strong password through use of   WPA2 or WPA (WiFi protected access) .
Switch off your router’s SSID broadcasting which will simply make your network invisible. It is difficult to steel what you can’t see.
Manually set your router’s DHCP to only known IP or Mac Addresses so that anyone other than that will be disallowed.
Make use of some useful Connection Security tool like  MoocherHunter.
Remember, Someone Else using your WiFi is not a problem to ignore as it may get you into some serious trouble one day. I would personally advice you to go through the above procedure and make sure everything is under your control.

Method 3: 
In case if your are provided with WEP and still having problems, then to check it just open My Computer and click My network places and double click on View Entire Network. If you see more devices connected to your WiFi than you allowed, someone is definitely misusing it.

Method 4: 
Another simple method is to check your router’s DHCP client table which will show all the devices connected yo your WiFi. And in case if some unrecognized device appears, you know that is the hacker.