Saturday, 5 November 2011

How to track a lost or stolen Camera?

How to track a lost or stolen Camera? 
Let us talk regarding a lost or stolen camera. Only a photographer can understand the importance of his camera the most. We know that stolen Phones or Laptops can be tracked down as they if used by someone else are in the internet or network connection but How to track a lost or stolen Camera? Don’t worry because the solution for this also exist. The idea behind this is that every camera has a unique serial number with it and many cameras (specifically the newer ones) embed these serial number in the images taken by them. Now there are obvious chance that the person who bought it from the thief or the thief himself could be using the camera. And if that person uploads some of the images taken from your stolen camera on the web, these website services described below can help you out in tracking and finding out your camera by searching through these online images.

Following are the two useful websites which can help you out in getting back your stolen or lost camera.

This is an another website that also make use of the same technology of unique serial number to track down your lost or stolen camera. An advantage it offers is that it demands from you a snap you have previously taken from the camera an it finds and matches the unique serial numbers associated with the photos itself. It also offers some other options in case you don’t have any camera photo available. This website is compatible with these camera models.

Beside tracking your camera, these services also helps you to find out if anyone is misusing your photos on the internet without your permission. So just check out the websites and recover your camera that is lost or stolen with ease.

The camera serial numbers are usually included in metadata with which all photos that are taken by the camera is tagged. Several photo uploading websites like Photobucket, Flickr, Google+ etc tends to record all this metadata whenever any of the photo is uploaded on net.And that is how GadgetTrack can help you out with almost 10 million unique serial numbers in their collection from the images available on the web till date.

What you are required to do is after visiting the website just enter the serial number of your stolen or lost camera and check if your photo is registered. If you do not know the serial number of your camera then you can find it by right clicking on one of your camera photos and then click on EXIF details and check for the camera Serial number.