Saturday, 12 November 2011

How to See How Many Hits a Website Is Getting ?

Tracking the amount of traffic you are getting is paramount to measuring your website's success. Most online businesses only want to publish their advertisements on frequently visited and highly ranked web pages. Fortunately, tracking web traffic is most likely already integrated with your website if you use a paid web host. If you use a free host, there are dozens of free stat counters available on the Internet. Free tools may lack some functionalities that the integrated tools have. In any case, these tools help you record data about your visitors.


    • 1
      Sign up for a hit counter service like Stat Counter if you don't have a paid web host. Most paid web hosts have a statistics tracker called Awstats, which is automatically integrated with all your websites. Check your web host's administration panel for this tool.
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      Embed the statistics counter on your website. Free hit counters automatically generate Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) code for you to use on your site. Copy and paste it onto the web page(s) you want to track.
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      Verify that your counter is working. Refresh the page to see if the hits displayed go up. Some statistics trackers only record visitors based on Internet Protocol (IP) address or cookies. Ask a friend at a different location on a different computer (to avoid duplicate sessions) to visit your site. If the hits go up, your counter is working.
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      Check your website's rank on Alexa. Alexa is a free service that measures the web traffic of almost every website in existence. For example, is ranked number one in the world. Alexa rank is a reliable indicator of website popularity. Go to the Alexa website and search for your website to see its rank.