Friday, 21 December 2012

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Influence on the Society and People:
① Helping manufacturers and corporations improve the product quality and service attitudes
② True personal opinions and suggestions help companies or service organizations know about the requirements of consumers towards a certain product or service which makes them duly consider their opinions in product development, design and improvement to maximize their satisfaction. 
③ The carefulness in answering surveys affects the result of decision making and the product quality and service used by consumers;
④ Any survey is for you, your family and friends to make life better.

Read before Entering Surveys:
① Based on survey requirements, participators are randomly picked.
② Each survey has rewarding points which depend on the answering time and whether the answerer is qualified.
③ Answering too shortly or selecting carelessly will not be rewarded.
④ The result of each survey will be in your credibility record which if is higher you will have more different opportunities.

The following actions in answering will bring point deduction or account cancellation:
① Answering too slowly or too shortly,
② Selecting carelessly without duly reading the question,
③ Answering open questions or publishing opinions without matching the requirements of the questions.