Monday, 22 October 2012

UCBrowser_V8.4.0.159_official English version : Download

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UC Browser (Ucweb) V8.4.0.159 version has released officially after a long wait and available fordownload here. This new UC Browser 8.4 is still in beta and currently available for all Java phone users and soon will released for Symbian S60, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc.

The new UC Browser V8.4.0.159 (Build12031415) brings lots of new features and enhancements anddownload links available for both signed/unsigned and in zip format. The last official version was UC Browser 8.0 and this is direct jump to v8.4 and skipped v8.1. According to UC Mobile Ltd, "We believe no other mobile browser will focus on the Java platform so much to deliver an amazing experience that goes beyond the potential of Java than UC Broswer. The UC Browser 8.4 Beta for Java is officially released. this time, it holds more functions and better user experience than the previous version."

UC Browser 8.4 Official

UC Browser (Ucweb) V8.4.0.159
Features in UC Browser 8.2 for Java:
1. Smoother: Although this version is larger(20K) than the last version,  but it runs much more smoothly with low memory and optimization.
2. Convenient sharing: UC Browser is bringing the sharing function back! (Menu>Actions>Share>By Facebook). Share everything you want to at the first instant.
3. Easy search: With our‘Find in page’ function (Menu>Tools>Find in page) , you can locate keywords quickly and the search does not differentiate between capital or lower case letters.
4. Shortcuts for QWERTY phones: Shortcuts are designed especially for QWERTY phones, allowing users to have a much more efficient experience when surfing the web.
UC Browser 8.4
UC Browser V8.4.0.159

Shortcuts List for QWERTY phone:
[Y] - Switch tab
[J] - Open in New
[V] - Back
[N] - Forward
[R] - Context Menu
[U] - Reload’
[I] - Newtab
[M] - Home
[Backspace] - Close current tab
[Space] - Move Right/Page Down
[T] - Up
[B] - Down
[F] - Move Left
[H] - Move Right/Page Down
[G] - OK

Also in addition UC Installer is released at the same time. This is only the beta version of 8.2 for Java, in theofficial version will have more functions and will be much more user friendly. UC Browser is the first mobile internet browser company to launch a specific version for Java.

Download UC Browser V8.2.0.132 Official English Version for Java:

Download UCBrowser_V8.4.0.159_Java_pf70_(Build12031415).jad
 (Signed Version for Java, 8 KB)

Download UCBrowser_V8.4.0.159_Java_pf69_(Build12031415).jar (for Any Java Phone, 437 KB)


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