Thursday, 29 March 2012

UC Browser 8.0 unofficial & 7.9 official : Donwload

Haven’t I told before that UC Browser is my favorite? I did, but I hadn’t added a reason behind my choice. UC Browser is not only the fastest mobile internet browser in this world but also it has a huge list of features which you can’t even dreamt with otherinternet browsers. Besides it has a dedicated group of developer who are working with hearth and soul to improve it’s performance further more. After getting the best mobile internet browser of 2011 by About.Com, UC Browser has brought up with some significant upgrade. 
But the most notable of them is their own developed new generation U3 kernel. Though it’s available only for there upcoming version 8 but still you can get a contact with it by using their Chinese released v8. Here I am sharing the English translated version of that Chinese release along with their international official release new 7.9. So let’s get more. 
I have already mentioned one great new feature of UC Browser v8. But it’s not all! UC get’s a brand new welcome screen, automatically pre-reading and display the next content, care for your eyes with more control over backlight and advanced data monition with reduction counter.
The official UC Browser 7.9 has almost all from v8 except the new welcome screen and U3 kernel.
UC Browser English version is available for Java, Symbian v3/v5 and Android. And UC Browser 7.9Official is available for Java, Symbian v1/v2/v3/v5.

UC Browser English

UC Browser 7.9 Official