Thursday, 29 March 2012

How to unlock any phone's security code ?

“How to unlock Phone Security code?”
‘Read the full trick before trying this’
Think how worse wiill that be if you do not know the security code of your own cell phone?
i.e. If you have forgotten or If someone might have changed it.
Do not worry I will let you know about the procedure to unlock your locked Nokia(for other phones see the next method below this) phone with a “MASTER CODE” (Note: This wont work for some Models).

For NOKIA :-

You can get “Nokia MASTER CODE” for your phone using ur
phone’s IMEI.

After getting IMEI CODE


After getting your phone’s master code use it in the place of security code.
If this does not work try the another trick given below.

“For Nokia,Sony,Alcatel ,Siemens, Vitel, Maxel, Panasonic, AEG, Samsung, Motorola and LG” :-

For other phone models including nokia this trick looks comfortable than the above one.
First of all for you is to download a 150kb “MASTER CODE UNLOCKER” to your computer and then you can get the master code for your phone. upon which you can use it to unlock phone.

Download it from here:

Download Now (155 kb)
Phone Security CodeTested spyware free 
Server -2:

Phone Security Code
Note: Download and extract from Winzip or Winrar. Then install it on desktop and Open the installed file.The application looks like this


saha said...

informative!!! first i got my phone reset through codes. i got the master reset for my phone from