Friday, 30 March 2012

How to disable mafiawars and other Facebook Applications ?

Facebook has gained way much popularity overtaking Myspace and other social networking sites. So almost everyone out there who has an internet connection has a facebook account. But some of the applications from facebook that your friends may enjoy might be annoying to you. Its not bad, its just that different people have different taste.
But you can easily disable or hide applications in facebook, so no matter which friend of yours plays mafia wars or something, it will not crowd your facebook homepage.
So how to disable or hide mafia wars and other applications in facebook ?
Hiding and disabling mafia wars in facebook is very simple and all that it takes is a simple click.
When you see an application or game in your facebook homepage that you don’t want to see it anymore, just hover the mouse over it and you will see a hide dropdown menu. You can click on Hide Mafia Wars or other as you choose.
Hide Mafia Wars in Facebook 2
Now your facebook homepage will be free of mafia wars!!!