Thursday, 29 March 2012

How to add addons in google chrome ? and add different addons.

Today i am going to tell you about some of the interesting addons and extensions for your chrome browser which you can use on google plus. These addons will surely improve your experience of google plus and will add a little more features to it. All the addons below are only for chrome browser and are from verified people only.

Here are the addons with description :

  • Google+ Photo Zoom : It is a fast and simple way for zooming photos within your google plus stream. Just hover your mouse over the image and addon will show you the enlarged version of that image.                                                          
  • Extended Share For Google+ : Google+ does not have a quick way of sharing posts to facebook and twitter but this extension will add a link named Send to to each post which once clicked will open a new dialog box asking you where to share that post. Soon this extension will be developed so that you will be able to share posts with one click instead of many clicks.                                                              
  • Facebook Friend Exporter : This extension will let you export data and contacts from facebook. A very useful tool for those who are migrating from facebook.                       
  • Surplus : You will get all the notifications of google plus on your desktop without the need to log in again and again. You can reply to the posts directly from the pop ups on your desktop. And it even allows you to switch between different google plus accounts.                
  • Stylish : It improves your browsing experience by letting you customize websites. It will allow you toapply attractive themes to your google plus profile. You can add, delete, enable and disable all the styles with a few clicks without the need to know the coding.            
  • Google CSS Tricks : It lets you change the google interface for better usability. By this you can even fix the black bar at the top for more space while viewing google maps and calendar.                                                                             
  • Google+ Helper : It lets you share your google plus posts with your twitter followers and lets you translate the posts with the help of google translate.                               
  • Replies And More For Google Plus : It is a great tool as it adds some advanced extra functionalities to google plus. Adds reply and reply to author links for easy +mentions of the users. Badges the favicon with a number when you have new messages. ctrl+enter and shift+enter submit a comment or a post. Header bar floats down as you scroll. Adds a drop down next to share with additional sharing options like facebook, twitter and email.                                                                                                     
  • +Comment Toggle : It hides the comments of the posts in your stream and shows you only when you want to see them.                                                                             
  • Move2Picasa : By this addon you can transfer all the pictures from your facebook account to google picasa in a flash which then you can use on google plus.                     
  • Hover Zoom : It is like the +photo zoom. If you do not like +photo zoom then you an use this addon. This addon will not only work on google plus but also on other sites like facebook, youtube, picasa, twitter, flickr, yahoo and many more sites. It will work on all those sites which have a direct link to the images.                          
Update On 29 July 2011
  • Usability Boost For Google Plus : It makes the google plus appearance better. It improves the readability by separating the posts and also the comments from the posts. It also adds a direct link to mute posts. It also makes the google notification bar fixed at the top so that you will never miss anynotification again.                                                                     
  • Google+ Refined For Google Plus : This give a sleek look to your google plus. You can change the fonts size, remove the welcome link, set cleaner comment display and all the posts will be separated from each other for better readability. And there is one more feature not present in any other addon i.e. it keeps the home menu and the search bar fixed when you scroll.                                                                                          
  • G+me For Google Plus : It collapses the both the comments and the posts and you can see the number of comments in the form of notification next to the post. After reading the posts you can even mark them as read.                                                     
  • Tweetify For Google Plus : It compresses the posts in your stream to 140 characters. It does not affect the permanent link of the posts or the post present in the profile. If you want to read any post then you can click on time stamp to read the full post.     
  • Search Extension For Google Plus : By this you can search for public posts and profiles. You can even filter them for only posts or profiles to show in results.
  • Hangouts Finder For Google Plus : You can easily search for public hangouts and join it so that you can meet new people and make new friends. Although it needs some people to start it but you will always find some people.                                                 
  • ++ : It extracts the profiles of all the people that appear on the page you visit with a little information toidentify them. This tool is not 100% accurate but still a little useful.
  • Hangout Auto Try Again For Google Plus : If you are tired of clicking on auto try while you use the hangout feature then you can use this addon and it will retry for you automatically.

How To Install These Addons And Extensions?
Just click on the name of the addon and then click on the install button inside the blue box on that page.
As more cool and interesting addons and extensions will come forward i will add them to this list. Enjoy :)