Saturday, 31 March 2012

9mm HD v1.0.1 FULL ANDROiD-P2P

P2P released the latest FULL version (v1.0.1) of the third person shooter 9mm HD for ANDROiD. If you loved Max Payne, you will definitely love this game as it also uses slow-motion and bullet-time effects. Another great game for your ANDROiD device, enjoy!
Description: The gangs want you dead. They don’t know what they’re in for. Now you can play 9mm for Android and become John “Loose” Kannon, the leader of a special team of hardened cops that aren’t afraid to bend the law to clean up the streets. But when they kill a local drug lord’s brother and steal millions in cash, the theft makes Kannon’s whole team the target of every gangster in the city. Now Kannon has only one option: Take down the gang leader that’s hunting them, legally or not, before his team gets taken out first..
  • Dive headlong into this stylish third-person shooter game where you’ll jump and fire clip after clip from your guns in stunning slow motion stunts to take out rooms full of criminals.
  • The action simulation really comes to life as destructible 3D environments splinter and explode.
  • These gangsters don’t play games, so arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons, including a pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, grenade launcher and more.
  • Set out to fight crime and corruption in varied locations like the Latino Suburbs, Night Club, Police Department, Rich Suburbs, Industrial Area and Mexico.
  • Catch gang leaders and informants alive, chasing them through city streets and taking them aside for a not-so-friendly chat in the interrogation challenge.
Release name: 9mm_HD_v1.0.1_FULL_ANDROiD-P2P
Size: 7.5 MB
Download: Click here