Thursday, 15 December 2011

How To Apply For Voter ID Card Online ???

Apply Online for Voter ID...........

A Voter ID card is considered an important identity document for several purposes in India. It can serve as a photo identity in several situations such as when applying for a loan, at a domestic airport, to open a bank account, and so on. If you do not have one, getting one is easy. We will show you one method involving most of the steps online.

As you may already know from the advertisements telecast on television, has taken an initiative to help any person in India register his/her vote in the simplest way possible. The first step they have taken is to help you acquire a voter ID card, which is one of the documents useful during voting.

1. Open

You will see the space to enter your login details. If you do not have, and you do not wish to create a login ID, you can click on "Sign up later".

2. In the next page that opens, click on "Register to vote"

3. You will be provided with a form to fill up on the next page that opens. Enter the Jaago Re Login ID you wish to use, your password, mobile number and email address and click on Continue.

4. In the next page, choose Y for both the choices and click on Continue.

5. On the last page of the form that will now open, you will have to fill your personal details to be able to register your request for a voter ID card.

Click on Generate Form.

6. This step lets you print the form you just filled. Click on Print your form to generate a PDF which can be printed. A copy of the form is also mailed to the email address you entered while registering.


This form also mentions the address of the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of your Assembly Constituency to whom you must sign and submit the form. The address of the ERO is automatically generated depending on your residential address you filled in your personal details.

7. Here is how the PDF form appears after printing. Print only pages 3 and 4 (Form 6) of the PDF as shown. This is your Voter Registration Form. Fill in additional details where applicable.

Students living in hostels or elsewhere need to print and fill in page 5 of this PDF as well and attach it along with the previous two pages.

8. While submitting the form, you must also attach officially recognized address proof document and age proof document. Address proof document can be your landline phone bill, mobile telephone bill, water bill, electricity bill, property tax receipt, bank statement, passport, ration card, house lease/rental agreement, LPG receipt, driving license or identity cards given by the employer. Age proof can be your birth certificate, passport, PAN card, driving license or state board exam certificate. These act as your proof of citizenship. Sign and submit the completed form to the ERO at the address printed in the form.

9. After a few days of submitting the form, a Block Level Officer (BLO) will visit you at your residential address for verification process. Once the verification is complete, the process of creation of your voter ID card will take place and you will be mailed your voter ID card in the next few days.