Monday, 24 October 2011

How to Install Video Chat on facebook ?

We all know that Facebook has recently launched video chat on Facebook with Skype and now it is available to every one. today morning I got up and saw this news that Facebook has already launched its video calling service in association with Skype. I wanted to install this as soon as possible on my facebook account so all I did was just went to and then clicked on Get Started and then clicked on run set up and that is it. I was able to chat with my friends and even now while writing this post I am chatting with video call with my friends and I am really enjoying it a lot.
There is no region constraint that it can not be activated in India, few viewers asked me if it can be activated in India and the simple answer is yes and you can easily activate or set up Facebook video chat in your Facebook account. now I will take you through the step by step tutorial on this and this will help you to activate and set up Facebook video chat in your account. First of all you need to go to this URL and that is mentioned below,