Thursday, 27 October 2011

Best Android Applications

In the spirit of sharing, here’s my list of apps that I have right now on my phone:
  • Bump - I find this more useful for sharing images and apps than contact info. The biggest downside so far is that I rarely run into someone that I want to exchange contact info with that also has this app downloaded.
  • Dropbox - this is on my “can;t live without” list. This is an awesome way to share files.
  • Evernote - people rave about this one. I use it to notate things I don;t want to forget, but haven’t become a rabid user yet.
  • Finance - perfect for keeping an eye on the stock market. Needless to say it integrate perfectly with my Google Finance portfolios.
  • Foursquare - not 100% convinced this will always be on the list. I’m still in test mode.
  • Fring - it’s downloaded and ready to use. None of my friends have it, so I’m still waiting to use it.
  • Google Sky Map - very cool app. Would be even more cool if it weren’t foggy in San Diego every single night.
  • Yahoo! Messenger – I use Yahoo! IM a lot in my office. This works well for getting in touch with international colleagues. I refuse to spend money on texting people with international phone numbers.
  • Open Spot - I can see the potential value in this, but I don’t live in a crowded metropolitan city, so I’m not the ideal user.
  • OpenTable - the best way to make a dinner reservation.
  • Pandora – perfect way to listen to the exact music I want.
  • ScoreCenter – the easiest way to keep up with my hometown teams.
  • Seesmic - the best Twitter app for Android that I’ve used yet. I’m still waiting for Tweetdeck to give a damn.
  • Shazam – I use this all the time to find songs I want to put on my iPod.
  • Google Voice - I’m easing my way into this one. Right now I’m using it to screen calls and have custom voicemails for groups within my contacts.
  • Waze - a real-time crowdsourced traffic app. I love this concept and I’m doing my best to help these guys through their BETA phase. I think this has tons of promise.
  • Zillow - what better way to find out what practically any house is worth.